Construction Contractor

When it comes to employing a construction contractor for your building project you must do your homework about the licensing of contractors in the state where you live. Unfortunately across the US, each state licensing board will have a list of all the licensing requirements that are needed specifically for the state where you live.

However, there are exceptions to the rules, and plumbers and electricians as well as those who are paid by the hour do not need a license. But those construction contractors who are bidding on works that are more than a few hundred dollars will need a license in most states across the US. But below we will take a look at the requirements that some states require regarding licensing of construction contractors.

  1. Alabama

For a contractor to be for works that cost more than $50,000 or more on a commercial or industrial one needs to get a license. Plus those who are working on residential projects with costs of more than $10,000 also need a license.

  1. California

There are only a few exceptions in this state but generally, all businesses or individuals who are involved with works relating to buildings, highways, roads, parking facilities, railroads, excavations, or any other type of structure in California need a license where the project is $500 or more. These licenses are obtained through the California Contractors State License Board or CSLB for short.

  1. Florida

You either need to be registered or certified if you wish to carry out any type of construction work in Florida. A registered contractor license is only required for a specific area in Florida where the contractor is working. Whilst a certified license can not only be used in the state of Florida but allows the construction contractor to work anywhere in the state of Florida.

  1. Nevada

All construction contractors within the state of Nevada must be licensed in order not to just work but also to bid for work.

  1. Washington

For any construction contractor to work in Washington they must first register with the Washington Department of Labor and Industries. However, there is an exception to this and that is that both electricians and plumbers need a license to carry out work in Washington state.

Although we have only shown you a few of the licensing requirements that construction contractors need for certain states there are plenty of sites that will provide you with the information you need concerning the state where you live.