Spectrum Cable Customer Service Phone Number

Spectrum Cable Customer Service Phone Number is toll-free and easily accessible

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Spectrum Cable Customer Service Phone Number

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Spectrum earlier known as Charter Spectrum is a brand of Charter Communications. Launched in 2014 Spectrum and used to sell consumer cable television, Internet, and telephone presented by the company. Earlier these services were provided by Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks took over by Charter Communications in May 2016. Under the banner Southern Tier On-Line Community, Time Warner Cable was first begun as Road Runner with a 1995 promotion test in Elmira, New York.

Road Runner High-Speed Online appointed the Runner character from Coyote cartoons as their brand name and mascot. But in 2012 it rebranded simply as Time Warner Cable Internet. And on May 2016 as Charter acquired Times Warner Cable, they again rebranded their name to Spectrum Internet on September 20, 2016.

Spectrum Customer Service Phone Number is active made by official support team to listen to the problems and queries with Spectrum Cable, internet, Spectrum TV and mobile.

On January 30, 2014, Time Warner Cable declared its new TWC Maxx project in New York City and Los Angeles. This largely improved service speeds at no extra cost balance to the existing speed stage.

By the mid of 2016, TWC Maxx promotions have been fulfilled in New York City up the Hudson Valley, Los Angeles, Austin, Kansas City, Dallas, San Antonio, Raleigh, Hawaii, and Charlotte. TWC Maxx is still developing in San Diego, Greensboro, and Wilmington and was supposed to be accomplished by the beginning of 2016.

Spectrum gives us a lot of friendly services. Spectrum presents a landline telephone service, named as Spectrum Voice. Than PowerBoost by them was a technology licensed from Comcast. This permitted users of Road Runner to experience faster download speeds than their current speed without any extra cost. Time Warner Cable Internet previously makes available the cable modem and its protection to the users as part of their service fee. Theses and more services could be asked for at Spectrum Cable Customer Service Phone Number.


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