Amazon Customer Service Phone Number

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Amazon Customer Service Phone Number

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The e-commerce company Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeffrey P. Bezos. He incorporated the company with the name Cadabra in July 1994. The name Amazon was founded soon and it was named after the Amazon River that is the largest in the world. The letter “A” helped the company to show up at the top of alphabetical lists. The site went online at in 1995.

One thing that made Amazon famous was its books. Their first profit was reached in the last quarter of 2001. The logo itself is the company name. The icon of Amazon, pointing from A to Z, represents that they could provide every product in the alphabet and also customer fulfillment with a smile. Amazon’s headquarter is in Seattle Washington, United States. It is a major provider of cloud computing services. (Source)

Amazon as world giant in shopping and online departmental store has provided assistance for customers 24/7 through Amazon Customer Service Phone Number. It takes care of your Amazon orders, products, Amazon Prime and Amazon login problems. Customers can easily get redressal for wide range of issues with their online account and orders.

Amazon's stock was opened to the public in 1997 under the NASDAQ symbol AMZN at the price of $18.00 per share. The stock prices over the past 10 years have increased from around $20 a share to nearly $170 per share. The last great climb in stock prices began in 2008 and the company has managed to stay on top. Amazon's goal for the stock price is $400. The progress has gradually continued steadily over the years and there is no sign that this company’s growth will stop anytime soon. (Source)

For any issue with your Amazon account do not hesitate to speak to them on their Amazon Customer Service Phone Number.


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